With a general election just around the corner now is the time to write to your local TD and see what they have to say about these changes to our laws.  Express to them your own views and how you feel these attacks on our legal rights of expression are wrong and how Ireland does not need changes to the current laws.


To find your local TD visit the Governments website (link below)


TD & Senators



Another good site is the voluntarily run "Who is my TD",

(There is no officially maintained central list of representatives, so our data is pulled together manually from the various official sources. Whilst we're confident of the accuracy, we do not accept any responsibility for mistakes.)


Who is my TD



Write to your local TD and express your opinions

Make a written submission to the Department of Justice

Send a written submission to


before 13th December 2019.

If you are making a written submission it is recommended that you read the consultation document

Write to your local TD

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