LEAVE Our Speach ALONE  protest took place yesterday,  It was a well-supported event despite the weather and some ugly people who do not believe in free speech.   Well done to all who took part!



November 2nd 2019

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2nd November 2019 

RTE launch a fresh campaign against Free Speech by linking legitimate protests with racism.


Yesterday RTE invited Lucky Khambule of the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, to discuss Racism, Asylum seekers and how they feel.  Shamefully RTE did not bother to Invite anyone with an alternative opinion to express their view. 

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In their Tweet, RTE linked the video to a previous report that featured Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan's comments over the current protests at Achill Ireland where residents continue to protest the government's plans to place 13 Refugees in the local area. Link

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Green Party Dublin City Councillor herself posted this link to the protests in Achill Island, attempting to link the protests with the far right.

Minister Flanagan has since given a media briefing linking protests against Asylum Seekers to the so-called alt-Right and stated that he will "beef up" hate speech laws. We can now clearly see the picture, the government is set on allowing refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants into Ireland.  They do not want any protests or highlighting of the issue by anyone in the local vicinity or online.  They want to restrict our free speech under the guise of hate laws to help them achieve this.  RTE is the mouthpiece of the Irish Government and along with the Justice Minister they continue to wheel out immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers calling the Irish people Racist and linking all legal, legitimate protests with the so-called all right.  Minister Flanagan from his comments below clearly has a desire to force these restrictions on us and the consultation period is nothing more than a smokescreen and they introduce these new laws upon the Irish people regardless of our view.   We must unite and push back this attack on Irish Freedoms won for us by our grandparents.



From the media;

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has expressed concern about the rise of ‘alt-right’ sentiment on social media in relation to asylum seekers.

He said he and Minister of State David Stanton have been consulting to consider a process which would allow the Government “to beef up” hate speech legislation.

Mr Flanagan told RTÉ Radio’s News at One that it was unfortunate that it appeared the ‘alt-right’ was involved in anti-immigration protests.

It was important that dialogue be held between department officials and local groups. He said he wanted to clarify that the Achill Head hotel would not become a direct provision centre, it was providing temporary accommodation for vulnerable women and children.

They would be provided with the basic essentials of bed and board, he added. Not only was this a legal obligation for the Government, but it was also a moral obligation, said Mr Flanagan.

I don’t believe this position (protest) is representative of the people of Mayo.

“I am appealing for the lifting of the siege (in Achill).”

He added that the ‘alt right’ had an “insidious” anti-immigration agenda. When he left his office at the Department of Justice on Thursday evening, he said, there were protesters bearing placards talking about the “inhumanity” of direct provision.

There are almost 40 locations around the country providing emergency accommodation temporarily for asylum seekers while their cases were being processed, said the Minister.

Most of the 40 are working well with Friends of Centre groups nearby.



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2nd November 2019 

It has now merged that Lucky Khambule of the Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland, who was invited by RTE News to discuss Racism and seemingly been posting surprising messages himself on Twitter.


Lucky Khambule who has claimed Asylum from South Africa has been posting and taking part in plenty of things during his time here in Ireland, including being invited by the Joint committee for his views on Asylum in Ireland.

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2nd November 2019 

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